Teaching & Curriculum Institute

Training/ Professional Development/ Curriculum and Pedagogical Research/ Partnership.

The Institute is the Trust’s training and research centre which drives improvement in line with our mission and first core educational purpose

“Our Trust is known for the talent and professionalism of our staff.”

As part of the Trust’s Talent Strategy, our  Institute pursues improved and highly engaging teaching and subject curriculum practice through quality research and evidence-based innovations (from the latest national and international research into High Impact Teaching), providing practical, hands-on training of a very high standard, instructional coaching and expert facilitation which together make a significant difference to the quality of teaching, learning, the student experience in the classroom and outcomes.

The Teaching and Curriculum Institute has grown out of our former National Teaching School and is a key player in the East Manchester Teaching Hub.  We work with University College London and the national graduate school, Ambition Institute.   It will support Tame River staff – and staff from other schools outside of the Trust who apply to undertake the training with us – to become the best they can be to drive student achievement, an ambitious curriculum and success through quality-first teaching.

The Institute provides support, training and development opportunities at every stage in one’s career.  It offers high-quality training and professional development courses both internally and externally (in partnership with the Everyone Learning Alliance, the East Manchester Teaching Hub, University College London and Ambition Institute) amongst the wider teaching and leadership community in the following areas:

  • Subject Guilds.
  • Power of Language Guild.
  • Initial Teacher Training (ITT).
  • The Early Careers’ Framework (ECF).
  • The Tame River Teacher Gold Standard (TGS).
  • The Tame River Highly Effective Teacher (HETP).
  • The Master’s in Expert Teaching.
  • The Specialist National Professional Qualifications (NPQ).
  • The Leadership National Professional Qualifications (NPQ).
  • Focussed Support Staff Training.

Mr E Mayell – Trust Education Lead

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