Learn, Teach, Belong

Our focus is on the business of learning and teaching.  Nothing else gets in the way.  We foster a strong sense of pride and identity with our students, staff and community towards our schools: strong, positive relationships between staff and students are central to our culture and to the well-being of our staff and students, alike.  It is true to say we belong to our schools and our schools belong to our local communities. 

Our Trust has worked hard to take the best ideas and practices from schools, academies and the independent sector in England and from abroad.  We have synthesised these ideas with our years of experience into what works best for our students and our staff in our communities.

Our school practice is rooted in our values of politeness and good manners, hard work and honesty.  Our systems and routines are built solidly on those values and on the best research we can find into what works in schools.   Our Trust has a very clear vision and our core educational purposes focus relentlessly on academic results, talent development, students with great character and, of course, student opportunities to shine within and beyond the classroom.

In each of our schools our approach relies on the development in our students of good and great learning habits which, over time, enable them to become better qualified and better prepared for the world of further study and work.

We are unapologetic in our insistence that students, without fail, follow our clear and simple rules on good manners, hard work and honesty. Our students are engaged and ready to learn. We have the highest of expectations and we expect our students and their families to rise to them:  and it is in that positive and courageous culture we Learn, Teach and Belong.

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