Our Culture

Our strong, positive school cultures allow teachers to teach and students to learn. Our children and young people know why we do what we do in the way we do it and so they sign up to it.

“In the best organisations, culture eats strategy for breakfast”

We foster great schools in which to learn, teach and belong.  In our Trust there is one thing we know for sure: the Culture of our Schools has to be strong and positive so that students can learn well, teachers can teach well and all our people can feel they have a stake and belong.   In creating and securing our strong and positive school culture, we have taken ideas from some of the best schools in the state sector, private sector and internationally and from our own significant previous experience of what works best.

Our schools and our cultures are values and vision driven. We don’t simply impose someone else’s practice: we arrive at our own, based on very high expectations, a relentless focus on results, strict routines and strong relationships.

We instill good and great learning habits to enable our students to become better qualified, more successful and fulfilled in life.  We expect students to show good manners and demonstrate hard work and honesty. By building a culture with sky-high expectations, our teachers can secure very strong academic, social and personal outcomes for our students.

Strong school culture takes care of almost everything in its path:  it is the reason our Trust exists.  We build great schools in which to learn, teach and belong.

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