Teacher Gold Standard

Our Trust is known for imbuing in our learners, positive character traits and enquiring minds and for the talent and professionalism of our staff.

The Tame River Teacher Gold Standard springs from the Tame River Talent Strategy and is a professional development training programme in our Professional Development Pathway which is school-based, undertaken by all our teachers, covering three years of continuing professional development.  It is designed to support all Trust schools in achieving the Trust Mission and, in particular, our three core educational purposes.

Teachers in our Trust are expected to teach at the Tame River Teacher Gold Standard or above.  This standard sets the bar higher for teachers who teach in our Trust schools to ensure all students, in particular the least advantaged, learn and achieve well.  It builds on the Early Career Framework and the National Teachers’ Standards

The Tame River Teacher Gold Standard has six essential and complementary strands.  Staff in all trust schools will be supported in their development following the professional development pathway.  In many schools professional and career development stops after the early career training but not in our trust.

Our teachers are accountable for achieving high standards in their teaching and professional conduct: they act with honesty and integrity; have strong subject knowledge (in their specialism and, through training, in any other subject they teach); they keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date; they collaborate; they are self-aware; they forge positive professional relationships; and they work with parents and carers in the best interests of their students.

The Tame River Teacher Gold Standard Strands

Strand 1    Being in Charge

Strand 2    Teaching with High Impact

Strand 3    Assessing well

Strand 4    Effective Curriculum Planning and Delivery

Strand 5    Using the ‘Power of Language’ Strategy for Vocabulary and Reading Improvement

Strand 6    Contributing Professionally

Extensive research into the teaching of outstanding practitioners (nationally and internationally) informs the Teacher Gold Standard training for our teachers in the Trust, drawn from the latest cognitive science;  the Education Endowment Foundation; Ambition Institute; Rosenshine’s ‘Principles of Instruction’; Lemov’s ‘Teach Like a Champion’; Allison & Tharby’s ‘Making Every Lesson Count’; Quigley’s ‘Closing the Vocabulary and Reading Gaps’ Sherrington & Caiglioli’s ‘Teaching Walkthrus’; and, The Education State’s (Victoria, Australia) ‘High Impact Teaching Strategies’.

Success in the Teacher Gold Standard leads into Highly Effective Teaching.

Mark FrostMiddle Leader: Curriculum and Options/Deputy Head of Mathematics.

The introduction of the Teacher Gold Standard to MHHS has completely transformed CPD for all staff. There was previously really useful bite-sized training which was done sporadically but with little structure and buy-in. Now staff are fully aware of the extensive research that went into these techniques and can see the benefits in their own classrooms and across the school. I recently completed the NPQLTD (Leading Teacher Development) and it was clear from the course that our Teacher Gold Standard is leading the way in terms of its effectiveness and relevance in today’s classrooms. Other participants and the facilitators themselves were blown away by the detail and rigour when I described our Gold Standard. Marry this with the excellent ITT/ECT offer and the HETP and it is clear that the trust is committed to investing in its staff which then positively affects students’ outcomes in a very real and tangible way.

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