Welcome to our Educational Trust.  We are based in Greater Manchester.  Our job is to make a significant difference to the school-days and life-chances of all our young people, including and especially young people who have many fewer socio-economic or prior educational advantages.

We host a family of great schools in which to learn, teach and belong.

We value our local communities and our adult colleagues as deeply as our young people. Each of our schools is committed to providing academic rigour, strong examination results and a spirit of enquiry.  But we do so much more.

We also provide planned opportunities for our students to develop character and grow into fine young citizens. Our students undertake electives in outdoor pursuits, the arts and a niche sport, in addition to a full range of co-curricular activities and clubs.   For our teaching, leading and support staff, we provide strong and sustained professional development, based on some of the best research available.  Teaching and learning in our schools are enjoyable pursuits, characterised by warmth and strictness.  The relationships we forge between adults and young people are strong and based on mutual respect.

We are determined to stamp out disadvantage and promote education as the gateway to a life worth living.

Whilst our schools are already achieving well and serving their local communities, there is so much more we can do together.  We cherish each of our schools and the distinctive contribution each can make to its community but we also align around best practice and strong school improvement strategies in our pursuit of excellence.

We hope you will choose to join us as learners, teachers, support staff, parents, schools and partners.

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