Our Priorities

Our priorities lead us to our mission and core educational purposes for our students, parents, staff and local communities. They are based on an objective analysis of where our schools are right now, where they need to be and what makes them tick, as illustrated in the following scorecards and self-evaluation:

  1. Academic Performance.
  2. Culture and Climate.
  3. Education and Training.
  4. Staffing.
  5. Finance and Estates.

Self-Evaluation and Quality Assurance of our Trust Schools

  • Quality of Education.
  • Personal Development and Well-Being.
  • Learner Behaviour and Attitudes.
  • Leadership and Management at all levels.
  • Overall Trust and School Effectiveness.

The Trust makes refreshing use of research into national and international best practice, keeping a keen eye on what is already driving performance trends in our schools, so that we can prioritise those aspects of practice that make us even better. In short, our staff and students need to ‘thrive’ and feel they ‘belong’.
Our Trust has a clear over-arching plan which outlines our expected trajectory for the Trust and for each school that joins us within 3 years:

Our Trust’s Priorities

  • Look after our students and staff.
  • Provide a high quality education.
  • Secure a curriculum that is ambitious for all.
  • Place the Tame River Teaching and Curriculum Institute at the centre.
  • Provide a career-long staff professional development pathway.
  • Provide a significant student co-curricular Trust dividend.
  • Provide effective shared services, supporting system improvement.
  • Grow our Trust, building capacity in advance of need.
More Information

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