Mission & Core Educational Purposes

Our Mission

The Tame River Educational Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust whose mission is to challenge educational and social disadvantage by establishing great schools in which to learn, teach and belong, and which promote learning, develop character, value diversity and build cultural capital.  By the age of 16 we aim for every student to progress to suitably challenging post-16 studies and apprenticeships.

Regardless of socio-economic context or history, each school is committed to our three core educational purposes, as will be any new school joining us in the future.  We are stronger together.  We cherish each school and the distinctive contribution each can make to its community and we align around best practice and strong school improvement strategies and actions.  We are here to make a real difference.

Our Core Educational Purposes

The Trust’s model of governance is designed to support the Object, Purpose, Ethos and Mission of the Trust and the Core Educational Purposes.

We are great schools in which to learn, teach and belong. 

  1. Our Trust will become known for imbuing in our learners, positive character traits and enquiring minds and for the talent and professionalism of our staff.
  2. Through a cycle of creative self and peer improvement, any school with us for three years or more will be in the top 25% of similar schools nationally for the academic progress of its learners.
  3. Students in our Trust will receive a distinctive trust-wide community and educational dividend in the form of ‘Electives’ starting with Year 7.  Significant additional opportunities will be made available to our students in the arts, sport and outdoor education.

More Information

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