Aligned Autonomy

Our Trust Schools align around agreed Trust practice and blend this with approaches that serve their individual local communities, in a way that allows them to be successful and responsive to local and national change.

“Alignment ensures schools move in the same direction, with shared values and towards shared goals, and autonomy allows each school to decide how to reach those goals.”

In the Tame River Educational Trust, our schools share their journey towards ‘aligned autonomy’. It is a pre-requisite that we share the same mission and values.

We are clear about those systems and practices that we follow together, working them through in our cross-school teams and guilds. Our guilds work together to secure alignment and to review and refine joint approaches which ensure success.

We believe in the power of aligned autonomy, as set out clearly in our Scheme of Delegation. This makes our Trust and schools healthy, successful and agile, responding to the professional passions and best ideas of our staff, students and leaders.

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