Initial Teacher Training

As part of the TCI’s Professional Development Pathway, we recruit and develop ITT students to train in innovative, well-ordered and ambitious Trust schools and partner primary and secondary schools, through the following routes:

  • School Direct with Everyone Learning Alliance, Tame River Educational Trust and University of Cumbria.
  • PGCE with Tame River Educational Trust and UMIST and MMU.
  • Teach First with Tame River Educational Trust and Teach First.

Our ITT pathway draws on national and international research in teacher training, providing a very high-quality experience with significant support at each stage.

Our teacher training programme offers you:

  • up to 100% school-based training
  • placements in successful schools with excellent learning and behaviour
  • coaching and mentoring that helps you to make faster progress than many other programmes
  • great support for QTS, PCGE, including masters’ credits
  • potential employment with the Tame River Educational Trust or one of our partner schools

We make sure you are:

  • fully immersed in the life of a school including teaching, staff training, curriculum, the co-curriculum, special events and our social life
  • working with students and subject-specialist colleagues from the start of your course
  • learning from highly experienced, successful teachers and mentors

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Steven Mosley – Testimonial:

Training within the TRET has been an incredible experience. At every moment I felt that I was supported by both staff and mentors who consistently put a lot of time and effort into delivering a bespoke course. My mentors were both full of great knowledge and insight but also guided me into being the best teacher I could be. I was equipped by the course to understand and provide my students with the best education and to equip every one of them with the skills they needed to excel in my course. 

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