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Tame River Education Trust – Leading in Schools

Tame River Teaching and Curriculum Institute is delighted to be able to offer the Leading in Schools Training Programme to aspiring and/or current Middle Leaders in teaching, pastoral care or support leadership.

The course runs for 7 units (of 90 minutes’ duration, each) across the academic year.  It covers significant research theory and practical contextual strategies to allow leaders to lead with impact. There is a strong focus on the main theories of highly effective leadership but also on what works, over the shortest period of time, to bring the most sustained leadership impact to the curriculum, pastoral and support spheres of our urban, complex schools.  There is a particular focus on leading in disadvantaged contexts.

There are units on:

  • Leadership Traits.
  • Leadership Quality.
  • The Science of Learning.
  • Leadership Content.
  • Leadership of Change.
  • High Team Functionality.
  • Project Implementation.
  • Exemplary Leadership Practice.

The course design is flexible to allow the leader or aspiring leader to undertake the course in a way that suits them.

This course is only available for Tame River Education Trust schools.

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