How to apply and entry requirements

The application process is via Apply:

  • Go to this link and when you are ready to apply go to this link.
  • Create an account.
  • Confirm your email address via the link you will receive.
  • Complete your application.
  • We are listed as everyonelearning@ Hawthorns Kingfisher Mossley Hollins Teaching Partnership.
  • Course Code 2A1.
  • You will be able to search for your intended course of study.
  • We offer General Primary, General Primary with Inclusion/SEND and Secondary School Direct Courses.
  • Subjects available – Maths, English, History, Geography, MFL French and Spanish, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing. PE, RE, Art Design, Design Technology, Music and PE with E Bacc.

Your application will be assessed by the recruitment team and a subject specialist.

We are looking for excellent graduates who are committed to making a difference for the young people in Greater Manchester.


  • Strong belief in the potential of every child, regardless of their background.
  • Strong academic qualifications.
  • Passion for teaching and a love of your subject.
  • Ability to reflect on feedback and act on it to improve.
  • Resilience and determination, enabling you to make a difference for the young people you will teach.

If you meet our entry requirements and can demonstrate through your personal statement that you are committed to our mission and core educational purposes, you will be invited to interview.

If shortlisted, you will be asked to:

  • Plan and deliver a 20-minute lesson.
  • Respond to an academic think piece.
  • Undertake a subject knowledge audit (the assessments are designed to initially assess your subject knowledge and your written communication).
  • Undertake a formal interview.

During the interview, the panel will consider your:

  • Passion for teaching and love of your subject.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Capacity to establish effective relationships inside and outside the classroom.
  • Suitability to train to teach and meet the ITT skills and competencies by the end of training.
  • Ability to reflect on feedback and act on it to improve.
  • Resilience and determination.

Primary interviews follow a slightly different process however the panel has the same considerations.

Conditional offers

If successful, you will be given a conditional offer, where the conditions will be made clear

Some of the key conditions will be that you:

  • Have DBS Clearance.
  • Have your qualifications checked to ensure compliance and equivalency if required.
  • Have confirmed you have the health and physical capacity to start training.
  • Have strong literacy and numeracy skills.
Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Some applicants may require or would benefit from a Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (SKE), which is available in all shortage subjects. We strongly recommend this as a way of ensuring that you are well equipped and confident to train. Many SKE courses are subsidised nationally. They vary in length and models of learning and include online courses.

Find more information about SKE courses here https://getintoteaching.educat…

A directory of available courses can be found here.

Applications for the everyoneleanirng@ Teaching Partnership programmes close towards the end of the academic year in July

Our Commitment

The Tame River and Everyone Learning@ are committed to finding the very best trainee teachers and so we interview until we have found them. Applications are treated on a first come, first served basis so apply early to secure your place with us.

We will publicise on our website when we have filled all our subject places. This is also communicated through Apply.

More Information

If you need to contact us please see our contact page